We are Italian, we are family,we are Ventolini!

This story begins in the 1960s, when many foreign families seduced by the people, beauty and wealth of our country came to settle and start businesses that have contributed to the development of Colombia.

Giancarlo Ventolini, an Italian, was one of these immigrants who, upon arriving in Colombia, saw the opportunity to create a high-quality ice cream parlor, combining two perfect ingredients: the Italian ice cream recipe and Colombian fruits. 

This is how Ventolini was born. Doña Ramona, a pastry shop with a great tradition in Cali, joins Ventolini in the 90s with its entire line of baked goods, creating the perfect combination: cakes and ice cream.

In order to complement the sweet products and reach all of its customers, Ventolini developed a restaurant menu with an Italian influence, thus creating fascinating flavors that invite family and friends to sit at the table to enjoy unforgettable moments. We invite you then to enjoy the Ventolini universe, 100% Colombian brands. We are much more than you can imagine!

The Ventolini family

Ventolini’s secret lies in the human resources that make up the spirit of the brand: a large family of over 500 collaborators who improve their quality of life day by day. Family groups of grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren are part of this beautiful company, in which the sense of belonging is so sweetly reflected in its products.


Our mission is to generate wealth to positively impact the quality of life of all those who help create it.